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Chicharon finished

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Here they are, deep fried and delicious!


Finishing the ribs

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Pull from smoker
Coat lightly with Jo Jo’s BBQ sauce available only from The PhilRican
Wrap in foil
Place in warm oven (170) for 1 hour
Slice and serve




Got wings?

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How do you do wings?

The marinade

Cider vinager
Lemon juice
Red pepper
Brown sugar

24 hour soak

Slow and low and the grill!


Super Bowl ribs!

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For all you Super Bowl nuts getting ready for the big game, here a crowd favorite. This blog will have 3 parts. Prep, smoking the ribs, finishing off

Pork ribs done right –

Part I – Prep

Clean your meat, the ribs that is

Place them in a bucket or other large container.

Soak them overnight in a good brine. A brine is seasoned salted water. I use some liquid smoke, cider vinegar, kosher salt (lots but not like ocean water) and lemon juice and just enough water to cover the meat complete.

The next morning, pull them out and cover with a good dry rub. For rookies, get some lawreys season salt and brown sugar. Mix together 2 parts brown sugar and 1 part lawreys. As you gain experience play with different seasonings until you find a mix you like, and no, you won’t get my recipe!

Let them soak another 24 hours if you have time. If not, a couple of hours will do.

Check in tomorrow for part II.


Super Bowl Stoner Food: Doritos Breaded Chicken

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Ok. This is pretty cool! Thanks vulgar chef

The Vulgar Chef


Just in the “Nick” of time (pun intended) Nick from DudeFoods is at it again. This one for the stoner in all of us. How fitting for the upcoming “Super Bowl”

A little chicken, some Doritos, eggs, flour, and a solid case of fuckin’ cotton mouth.

Huggit, chuggit, foooootballlll

Head over to DudeFoods.com for the recipe!

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Chicken and Dumpling Soup

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So today I came home from work to find Mrs PhiliRican a bit under the weather. Couldnt eat, fever, chills, headache, you name it. So what does Mr PhiliRican do? You guessed it, hit the grocery store, buy a chicken, bring it home and make her some homemade chicken and dumpling soup…..

1 Whole chicken, cleaned, uncut

1 Very large white onion, quartered and peeled

1 full clove of Garlic, peeled, whole

1 Cup Chicken Bullion (Knorr)

1 Tablespoon of Poultry Seasoning (this is usually found in the spice section of grocery store)

Put the whole chicken, onion, garlic and remaining ingredients in a large pot of cold water (12 cups of water should do), bring to boil and then simmer for 2 hours

Remove the chicken and place on cutting board, strain the onion and garlic from the stock (if you like)

Remove the chicken skin and use two forks to pull the meat from the bone. Make sure meat is in small bite size pieces. Return to pot of simmering stock. Place carcass and bones back in stock, simmer for another hour (you want to get all the gelatin from the joints and cartilage as well as all the nutrients from the marrow etc in the bone). After one hour, remove the bones and carcass.

If you like your soup with a bit of body (thickness): make a corn starch slurry that is 4 Tablespoons of Cornstarch and 4 Tablespoons of cold water mixed together in a small cup until dissolved. Pour slowly into the simmering stock and voila, your soup is thickened without any lumps!!


Sift 2 cups of flour with 1 Tablespoon of Baking Powder and 1 Teaspoon of salt into a clean dry mixing bowl. Add 4 Teaspoons of melted butter and 1 Cup Cold milk. Mix with a fork until blended but not looking like pizza dough.

Drop tablespoon size dollops of the mixture into your simmering stock and cover. Simmer about 15 minutes and serve!

Easy, tasty and healthy!