Filipino BBQ

Specially Marinated Pork grilled over an open flame and coated with a special Filipino BBQ Sauce made from scratch by The PhiliRican

Chicharon Puerto Rican

Tender pieces of Pork Butt Marinated overnight in Citrus, Garlic and Island Seasonings and then Deep Fried to Perfection! This dish is the hit of any party!

Adobo Pastelillo’s

A Fusion of Puerto Rican style Pastelillo’s (think empanada but better!) filled with Filipino Adobo (Chicken, Beef or Pork)

Chicharon de Rex

We start with the classic Chicharon and put it on top of steaming white rice and then send the dish over the top with a freshly fried egg!

Puled BBQ Beef / Pork

Great dish for a large party! Slow cooked up to  6 hours, smoky, sweet and tangy! We serve this up with homemade coleslaw and rolls.

Jo Jo’s Baked Beans

These sweet and spicy baked beans aint your grandmas recipe! We use crumbled sausage, brown sugar and special spices to kick it up! There a meal in themselves!

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